I found Icing to be an entertaining, well-written story that was very engaging, had a lovely amount of romance without being explicit, and with a story line that was effective and intriguing at the same time. Readers who enjoy Christian fiction will definitely enjoy this book and should pick it up as soon as they possibly can! Author Debra Sue Brice is a talented and gifted voice in the genre of Christian fiction, and I would think it unlikely that she will remain unknown for long. I definitely plan to read more from her, including her first book, and will keep my eye out for more releases from her in the future. In short, I am happy to give this book a five star rating, and suggest that anyone looking for a lovely romantic read give it a chance!

           ~Chris Fischer, Readers' Favorite


Cupcakes and Hockey. For Denie Shaw, it is the perfect combination.  She is a successful business owner, running the cupcake shop, Icing  with her three best friends and spends her off time following the local hockey team. Her perfectly balanced life is turned upside down when Tom Billingsly, right wing for the Lake Erie Monsters hockey team takes a liking to this young, witty and charming woman. Will Denie be able to endure one more heartache, or will she learn to trust her heart and take a leap of faith?



Debra Sue Brice's contemporary Christian romance, Icing, is both inspiring and entertaining. This well written hockey-centric romance features strong and independent women who enjoy sports, outdoor activities, and nights on the town, and they aren't swooning over their latest crushes -- at least most of the time. Denie's culinary adventures add a marvelous dimension to the story, and I found myself considering just how good a chocolate-frosted peanut butter and bacon cupcake could be. As Icing is a Christian romance, I knew it would be a sweet one, but the growing relationship between Tom and Denie is, while squeaky clean, anything but insipid and tame. Brice's characters feel their burgeoning romance even as Denie honors her religious convictions. Icing is highly recommended for fans of sports and Christian romance.

                            ~Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite


Debra Sue Brice

5 Star Reviews for Icing


I so, so enjoyed Icing. Author Debra Sue Brice did a fantastic job in creating characters, especially Denie, that her readers will be able to relate to, will connect with, and will truly care about. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. The story is romantic, sweet and heartwarming all at the same time, and has a very positive Christian message. Any reader who loves romance or just a great, sweet story should absolutely read this book. I am pleased to highly recommend Icing, and look forward to reading more from the very talented author, Debra Sue Brice, as soon as I possibly can. If her other work is anything like Icing, it will absolutely be worth the read!

                                 ~Tracy Slowiak, Readers' Favorite