Crossing  Boarders

Dana has lived her whole life for this moment.  It is her chance to shine and break through the demanding equine world that is only attainable to the extremely wealthy or incredibly lucky.  Knowing that it is now or never, Dana finds the courage to travel to a foreign county, as foreign as Canada can be, to train with Olympic rider, Amy Arnot.  Trying her best to leave her judgmental sarcasm at home, Dana quickly becomes the resident superstar over all the other riders at the farm.  Determined to stick to God's plan and not get a big head in the process, Dana finds herself in the good graces of fellow equine royalty, as well as the good graces of one particularly handsome barn manager, destined to keep her safe from an unfolding scandal.



"This is definitely a novel that I would like to share with my young nieces and nephews because it is beautiful. It contains all life’s lessons in the form of a story that grips you by the heart. The story is very easy to digest and written with great flow. The characters are strong, especially Dana. Amy Arnot is the type of teacher that I would want. I wish I'd had a teacher like that who pushed me to my limits and helped me polish my skills. This book is very well-written and extremely comforting to read, plus the cover is beautiful".

​                          ~Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

"Debra Sue Brice's contemporary Christian fiction novel, Crossing Boarders, follows primary school teacher, Dana Berrelli, as she travels north into Canada and heads toward a momentous summer that might just change her future. While God is her moral compass and the ultimate guiding light of her life, Dana's world is horses. She's not all that good with people and finds herself sometimes scolding her younger roommate, Gertrude, but she's more at ease with her equine charges than just about anyone else. I loved experiencing what felt like a first-hand view of the routine a working student would follow under the tutelage of an Olympic trainer, and enjoyed seeing Dana's world expand as she leaves her family's farm for the summer and expands her horizons. And while Dana's no longer a young adult, her story is very much a coming of age tale, and, as such, it reads beautifully. Brice's own equestrian background and love of horses shine through in this authentic and well-plotted novel. It's most highly recommended."

                           ~Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

5 Star Reviews

"For I know the plans I have for you… " Jeremiah 29:11 came to mind as I put on my do-rag and headed out the door for morning feeding.  It is such a reassuring feeling knowing there is a God that already has your life planned and set into action.  I just need to take that action and make it for Him.


Debra Sue Brice